Thursday, April 26

You're Never Gonna Be Alone...

I'm linking up with Monica again for Throwback Thursday :) You should join in on the fun!

I'm throwin' it back to around 3 years ago - when Anthony & I first started dating. We seriously look like little babies compared to how we look now.

Anthony & I at my 16th birthday party.
June 2009

We hadn't even been dating a month in this picture. We were still at that stage where I was really shy around him & we would look at each other & just smile [not that we still don't do that :)]. Now if you would ask him if I was shy around him, he would laugh, really hard. Sometimes I think he wishes I was still that shy little girl :p

This picture is when we were going to watch the Pens play.
February 2012

When we spent 2 weeks in Florida.
March 2012

On May 12th, we will be together 3 years :)


P.s. The post title is lyrics from Anthony & I's song, Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback.


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xo kelsey said...

y'all are such a cute couple!!

Jazmine said...

Awwww cute pictures!!!!!!!