Thursday, April 12

New Puppy & Throw Back Thursdays!

First, I want to start by showing you the newest member of the Shaffer/Swank family [The Swanks are the people that my parents work for]. They have a Doberman named Thunder, a Pug named Cookie, & a kitty named Millard [I'm guessing that's how they spell it lol].

Meet Lightning :)

She was so sweet last night. When I picked her up, she was shaking because she was so cold. Cookie was showing her who was boss, though, by chasing her around lol

I'm also linking up with Monica for Throwback Thursday!

This goes way back to Junior Year [I know it's not that long ago lol]. We were at my friend Emily's house, helping her with a German project. For some reason we were running around [I can't remember why] & my friend Sara [the one in the purple jacket] fell & sprained her ankle. We had planned on going to Wal-mart, so we had her ride around on a motorized scooter. It was the funniest thing ever & no one even questioned us lol!/video/video.php?v=383383363996#comments

Click on the link above^ to check out the video :)



Whitney Leigh said...

oh. my. gosh. I love that dog!!!
and a motorized scooter!?! hahahaha that is so funny!! I always wanted to ride in one, but my mom always said no. Clearly, I need to come hang out with you guys.

Tone-Lise said...

Such a beautiful dog:)

miki said...

I have always wanted to take those scooters for a joy ride. I never have had the guts too though.

Also that puppy is SO cute!