Friday, April 27

Just Call Me Em-terest

Okay that sounded better in my head than it does now that I wrote it.
What I was trying to get at was that I'm going to be posting a lot of pictures in this post so it would be like my own version of Pinterest haha Now I'm rambling so I'll just get to the point.

On Tuesday, my friend Julie & I decided to go to Ohiopyle [it's a place where you can go hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, etc.]. Let's just say it was quite an adventure :)

Then on Wednesday, I thought it would be a nice day to take some pictures. So here's are the pictures from that day :)

My kitty - Cali

The view from my house

Front door

Favorite tree

Tree in the front yard

Me & Cali


Well that's it for the pictures. If you would like to pin them, go right ahead haha But you better give me credit young lady :p Maybe I'll be famous someday for coming up with Em-terest haha I can only dream...

Have an awesome weekend :)



Country Gal said...

Nice photos cute post ! Hubby and I love going for hikes and take photos , we are lucky here we have lots of forrest and a river we can take our boat down , fish and just be at one with nature ! Have a great day !

Kate said...

Cuuute pictures! And I cannot believe your view! Breathtaking :)