Tuesday, April 10

Tequila Tuesdays!

Too bad I can't drink tequila... When you're 18, people tend to frown upon that. But oh well, 3 more years I can [legally] drink these pretty & delicious looking puppies :)

blue ocean cocktail
Blue Ocean Cocktail

Black and Blue Mojito
Black and Blue Mojito

Rainbow Sangria.........looks fun and yummy!
Rainbow Sangria

I think they look so awesome & yummy! You know what else is awesome [& I guess you could say yummy too lol]? Going shopping & finding good deals. I found jeans at Hollister for $9!! How awesome is that!? I'm super pumped about it because you never find jeans there for that price. Here are a few things that I got yesterday.

Decree Open Back Tee
Decree Open Back Tee

Juniors' Screen Print Tee
Junior's Screen Print Tee

Crest Canyon

Super Skinny Destroyed
These are the $9 bad boys.
Hope you had an awesome weekend & Easter. I know I sure did but I think it's time to work off all the beats & pickled eggs I ate :p



Amber said...

those drinks look yummy! I love the clothes you got! CUTE!

Whitney Leigh said...

$9 pants!!? that's amazing. and yeah those drinks look delish.

{[Jessica]} said...

Those drinks look so good!!!
too bad that drinking does NOT do well on the girl figure.. lol
& $9 for jeans, that is a steal!!!



Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas said...

I'll drink one for you!

Samantha said...

Shopping deals are always the best.... I had some great deals at Victoria Secret the other weekend! And I'm with you, I totally wish I could (legally) drink those drinks as well! Only 1 and a half more years for me to go!

Ly said...

The drinks look so good. I love love mojitos!!