Tuesday, April 24

Everytime, the Moon Shines I Become Alive, Yeah

No matter where I'm at & someone starts to talk, whatever they're saying makes me think of a song. I'm starting to realize that I'm a, how should I put this, weirdo unique individual haha I get it honest though because my dad does the same thing.

Speaking of my dad, today's his birthday :) Happy Birthday Daddio :)
Dad & I after I graduated from high school :)
Anyway, the reason I put those lyrics as my post title was because I was going to tell you that I'm still alive [since I haven't written a post in like 5 days] & then I thought I would look up lyrics to go along with the word alive. Well it came up with Alive by Kid Cudi. So now when someone talks about being alive or whatever, I will now think of this song :)

OH! I just realized it's Target Tuesday :) Here's what I'm loving at Target.

License Juniors Chick Graphic Tee.Opens in a new window
License Juniors Chick Graphic Tee
This shirt makes me laugh :)

Circo® Girls Infant Toddler Girls One-Piece Ruffle Swim Suit - Pink.Opens in a new window
Circo Girls Infant Toddler One-Piece Ruffle Swim Suit - Pink
How freaking cute is this?! :)
BELGO LUX Dark Brown ladies tote handbag.Opens in a new window
BELGO LUX Dark Brown Ladies Tote Handbag
Nothing's better than a brown leather purse :)
Womens Eyelet Fabric Sandal - Yellow.Opens in a new window
Women's Eyelet Fabric Sandal - Yellow
I love how springy these are :)

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors One Shoulder Ruffle Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors One-Shoulder Ruffle Dress - Sweet Plum
Love the color & the style :)

All these spring/summer items make me wish it was warmer here in PA. Unfortunately, Sunday night/all day Monday we got a ridiculous amount of snow - so much that my school was closed. However, I looked at the forecast & it shows that the first week of May it will be in the 70s :)

Hope you're having an awesome day :)



Tegan {enlove with life} said...

I went to Target this weekend and got the cutest striped mini skirt and polka dot shorts!! Love me some Target!

Also, Husband and I are going to the mx track tonight! We haven't been since last summer, so this is a big deal. Expect to see pictures up soon! How is your man doing with his bikes? Did he get them fixed yet?

Jazmine said...

I love that purse and the yellow sandals!!!

Country Gal said...

Cute post ! Happy Birthday to your dad !

emuy said...

Happy Birthday to your dad :D
and loving all your picks!♡

tara said...

love that dress and those sandals! so cute! happy birthday to your dad!