Wednesday, April 25

Pinterest is Awesome Possum

Everyday I swear I find more & more awesome things on Pinterest.

easy parmesan knots ready in 20 min
These look so freaking good!

CORAL Sperrys!!
I want a pair in this color!

I wish I could do this to my hair!

hehehe.. <3
Haha love this!

Love this color :)

This video is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen :)

Happy Wednesday to you :)



xo kelsey said...

those sperrys are so freakin cute!! and i LOOOVE that kitten video! i was actually searching puppy & kitten videos on youtube last night haha :)

Leanna Vera said...

That nail polish is so much fun!

Emily Locknick said...

I own those pink sperry's!! I loved them, but after wearing them a few times the stiching is starting to come undone around the toes!! :(

PetitieSweetie said...

I am dying! Where did you get those sperry's?!!!