Thursday, June 28

Take Me Back

Has there ever been a moment (or moments) in your life where you wish you could relive it over & over again?

I know I've had a lot of moments that I wish I could.

As much as I'm over high school, I do wish I could go back & relive those fun times with my friends.

Here are a few in particular.

my friend debbie & i loved these shoes!

the day we skipped school & went to the park

school projects with sara

office helper<3 we named the copier deb haha

hanging out in the auditorium while the underclassmen took their PSSAs
taking pictures instead of going to study hall

Sorry it's picture overload...

I was just doing a little reminiscing haha

What are your favorite memories?


Tuesday, June 26


I think Anthony feels like I'm the paparrazzi when I take pictures.

Example #1
He didn't see me yet...

Example #2
He caught me!

Example #3
He's talking... not singing haha

Example #4
Giving me "the look"!

Example #5
Then he started throwing things at me! Not really, but I wasn't going to take the chance haha

Here's some other pictures I took yesterday :)

Cali :)

The view from my house.

I just realized my life is pretty boring compared to everyone else's blogs I read!

I better start going on some adventures or something haha


Monday, June 25

Put A Smile On

You know what makes me smile... besides you? :)

The ECards that I find on Pinterest.

Here's some of my favorites.

*Warning: Some of these may contain some profanity*

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

So I know my posts have been boring to read.

I'm determined to start taking my camera every with me so you actually have something interesting to look at/read :)

Have a lovely evening!


Friday, June 22

Getting To Know Me

I have been a part of the blogging world for about 4 months now & I just realized that you probably know nothing about me.

Well I'm about to change that today :)

Aren't you just one lucky lady?

So here it goes...

^That's me, incase you didn't know :)

Random Facts:

+ I hate milk!! I think it smells & tastes gross. It also makes my throat feel weird.

+ I get bored when I eat. I don't know why but I do. That's why I get dessert, even if I haven't finished my lunch/dinner.

+ I don't like fruit chunks in my yogurt. They freak me out so I eat around them.

+ I have an obsession with skulls now. I just bought two shirts with skulls on them.
This is one of them :)
+ I hate going in my basement because I think it's creepy & I'm always afraid someone's hiding down there.

+ I sprint up the stairs everytime I shut the light off downstairs.

+ I like taking goofy pictures :)

+ I have to sleep with a nightlight.

+ When I get a magazine, I usually don't read anything... I just like looking at the pictures.

+ I have to apply lotion as soon as I get out of the shower. I despise dry skin!

+ I sliced my little toe open on the drain in the shower. There was blood EVERYWHERE! I had to get it glued shut.

+ I pick apart everything I eat. For example, Nutty Bars. I eat them one layer at a time.

+ I've never broken a bone [knock on wood].

+ I love eating mashed potatoes & pickles together.

+ I like ketchup but hate tomatoes.

+ I am always forgetting something. I'd probably forget my head if it wasn't attached.

Welp, I think that's it :) Hope you learned something new!

If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask :)


Wednesday, June 20

Dinner Date & Pinterest

So I'm super excited today because after school I'm going out to dinner with my friend Danielle :)

You can check out her blog by clicking here!

I've haven't seen her in forever!!

We've been friends since I was three & she was five.

I'll make sure to post pictures tomorrow :)

So anyway, let's see what's poppin' on Pinterest today.

Two story closet...uh yea
two-story closet!!

Would love to go diving here: the great blue hole, Belize

white... Frenchie...
i want a french bulldog!!

Real Fruit Spritzer/4th of July by Fab Frugal Food

I love it!
love this!

why can't I ever think of these things to say? lol
so freaking true!

Super cute.
so adorable!


i. want. this.!

Have a lovely day, pretty lady :)


Tuesday, June 19

To Make Your Day a Little Brighter :)

Today, I felt like making you smile :)
Hopefully I do that more than just today...

But anyway... let's get started!!!

This little kitty makes me laugh :)

These two are seriously hilarious & amazing singers!!

If you've never heard this song, click here to find out where it originated from :)

Zac & Taylor actually sound really good together :)


Monday, June 18

Kendra is Kool

Today is was trying to come up with something to talk about.

I seem to be having a problem with that lately.

I decided to look through pictures on my phone & I came across these....

The little girl above is my baby cousin Kendra :)

There is 17 years between us!

She is the sweetest little thing & I love her to death.

The last video is of her dancing to Barney :)


Thursday, June 14

You're On My Heart Just Like a Tattoo

Speaking of tattoos... I actually got one!

It's nothing fancy; just a heart on my hip.

My bestest friend Julie & I got matching ones :)

So enough about tattoos!

Let's look at some awesome things on Pinterest.

i'll have her eyelashes please
i wish my eyelashes were this long!!

love this dress!
Perfect ponytail ♥
perfect ponytail
cute & simple :)
raspberry banana bites
raspberry banana bites -- yum!!

Amalfi Coast, Italy. Wanna go SO bad.
Bed in a closet so the whole room is open- creative way to utilize small spaces.
bed in a closet so you have more space!!

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