Thursday, August 30

You Wanna Know What I'm Ok With?

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok....

+ that drinking water out of my pink, cheetah print cup makes it so much fun. I drink so much water that I pee like 1,972 times a day &  my pee is completely clear [I know, you didn't need to know that]. I won't even have to flush now [I kid].

+ that I'm super excited to see this hunk of meat tonight ;)

+ that I enjoy my hair when it's curly & in a ponytail :)

+ that I got way too much enjoyment out of this.


Catch ya on the flip side :)


Wednesday, August 29

Two Posts in One Day?!

Don't fall off your chair!
I know, it's shocking to me too.
I barely have time for one post in a day, let alone two!!

But do you know why I'm doing a second post?
Because it's OHPW [Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday], silly.
You know I can't let this day go by without posting my favorite things on Pinterest.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Caramel Tart - yum!!!

trust issues :-)
Haha - yucky raisin oatmeal cookies.

This made me laugh :)

PIN THIS NOW! There are sooo many cute hairstyles on this blog
Gorgeous hair!!

very unique!
Such a cool idea!!

Adorable!  Black on top, bright skirt, leopard accessories
Love this outfit!

So very true!
so true!

Oh, Pinterest, you complete me <3


What I Bought

Now that I've kept you in suspense long enought...
Here's what I bought :)

T.J. Maxx - $12.99

T.J. Maxx - $9.99

T.J. Maxx - $9.99

T.J. Maxx - $12.99

T.J. Maxx - $10.00

Target - $12.00

Kohl's - $20.99

Kohl's - $23.99

T.J. Maxx - $9.99

Shoe Dept. - $14.98

Target - Smokin' Hot

Target - Sonia Kashuk - Fair & Square

See that eye shadow?
Yea, it ended up being $13 [maybe $14, I can't remember].
I thought it was $7... oops.

That concludes my shopping adventure :)


Tuesday, August 28

I Have a Surprise For You :)

But you can't see it until tomorrow.
Actually, it's not really a surprise.
I just went shopping today & bought some clothes that I would like to share with you.
If you consider that a surprise, then that's what we'll call it.
And I'm making you wait until tomorrow because I'm too lazy to take pictures of them now.

I have another surprise for you though.
This one, I will share with you tonight :)
I'm going to tell you my celebrity crush(es).

Chasing Birdies

I'll tell you my guy crush first.

Tatum Channing, Channing Tatum

I think he is pretty much every girls crush.
He has a gorgeous smile & what's better than that?
He's freaking hilarious :)

Now my girl crush.

Emma Watson- god she's gorgeous!

Emma Watson is seriously flawless.
Like holy crap, can she get anymore gorgeous?

That's all for today folks.
I'm hitting the sack.


Monday, August 27

Let's Get Motivated

One day I hope to wake up & a nice set of abs would be on my body.
I know that would never happen though.
So I guess I'm going to have to work for it ;)


The only thing I'm afraid of is looking like a man.
I want to be fit without looking beefy.

Here's the video for today :)

And this video has nothing to do with working out but it seriously had me laughing so hard.

Maybe you'll get a six pack from laughing at this ;)

Tonight I'm going to another fair & guess what!!!
Justin Moore is going to be there!
How freaking awesome is that?
I'll try to get some pictures to share with you tomorrow :)

Happy Monday!
Said no one ever.


Saturday, August 25

Stylish Saturday

Sorry I've been MIA lately.
I just finished up finals on Thursday & now I have a full week off.
So I promise I'll start writing more.
Lately, I've been doing crappy posts because I really have nothing to talk about.
I just can't find the inspiration.
Does anyone else have this problem?
It's just me? Ok.

Today it's going to be yet another one of those crappy posts.
I'm going to show my favorite looks.
Whether it be hairstyles, nail polish, clothes, etc.
Let's get started.


Giant Curls
love big curls.

someone please tell me how to get my hair like this.
i love this look.

<3 lovely
i love how simple, yet elegant this hair style is.

Natural Beauty
i would love for my hair to be this length.


Casual chic.
cute fall outfit.

this outfit is so adorable.
i want that skirt in my closet!

Love those pants!
love the colored jeans look.
i'm gonna have to get some for my closet.


cool mani pink+glitter+chevron
pink + chevron + glitter.

Black and gold
black + gold.
perfect for when i'm cheering for the stillers.

Essie Raise Awareness
i love this color.
someone want to buy it for me?


simple + elegant.

how cute is the back of this dress!?

grey + white
i would wear this every day...
if it wasn't frowned upon.

If anyone would like to buy me anything from above, I wouldn't be mad.
In fact, we would probably become best friends.

Yesterday, I went to our local pool to get my tan on.
Look at the difference 5 hours in the sun makes.

The lighting might make me look a little tanner as well.
But trust me on this one, I am tanner than I was haha

Have an awesome weekend!