Wednesday, April 18

Tie Dying & Salamanders :)

My friend Julie [who I've known since Kindergarten] & I get together every Tuesday since both of our boyfriends go to college 3 hours away :( We always manage to find fun or crazy stuff to do. The one time we went to this place called Gravity Hill where it looks like you're going downhill but your will go uphill.

Last Tuesday we decided we wanted to tie dye t-shirts. So we looked up ideas on YouTube & this is what our t-shirts look like :)

Yesterday, we decided to go "splunking". Julie & her boyfriend, Billy, usually do this when they're driving around. They will come to a stop sign & then decided if they want to go left or right & continue doing that until they have no idea where they're at. So we decided to do this with my dad's gator in the woods beside my house. Her & I picked random trails to go on to see where we would end up. Well we ended up coming up to a little creek so the first thing we thought to do was look for Salamanders :)

Isn't she/he cute? :)
I also had Julie pick up a crayfish for the first time. She was freaking out but she finally did it :) The picture is on her phone so I don't have it :(

I'm sure I'll have more stories to tell you about Julie & I's adventures so check back every Tuesday!


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