Tuesday, April 24

I Wanna be a Dirt Bike Rider

If you know anything about dirt bikes or motocross, I think you will enjoy this video. Heck, even if you don't know anything about either of those, you might still enjoy it :)

I'm so excited because I finally got to see Anthony ride on Sunday. He went to a track called High Voltage Motocross Park, LLC & it's one of my favorite tracks that he rides at. If you go to the sidebar on my blog, you can find a link to their website. It has this huge tabletop where I usually can get awesome pictures of him :)

& here's me freezing my tushie off :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures :)



Whitney Leigh said...

That song is my anthem. hahah but I've never seen that video before. killed me! That is so cool your boy races. Mine used to, but now we just ride for fun. going to super cross this weekend and we're stoked!

Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas said...
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