Wednesday, August 8

Well Isn't That Pinteresting

I'm going to admit, I was so excited to show you what I've pinned on Pinterest that I was going to post this yesterday.
Then I realized it was Tuesday & was really disappointed haha
But guess what, today's Wednesday so there's no reason to be sad ;)

Love the rustic vibe

French Bulldog - Bulla  french-bulldog

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil's Food Cake Cheesecake

Love love love

love this photo!


Gorgeous kitchen. White cabinets, dark wood floors. Daz hot.

I made a friend yesterday :)
He [she?] is really cute!!
And we're such good friends that I don't even know what my friends gender is haha

That's all for today kids.
See ya later alligator.



Mimi said...

i love #3 and #4! that dessert looks delicious and the jimmy choos look amazing! :D

<3, Mimi

the lovebirds said...

wow! What great finds. I could gobble up that cookie cake and I would kill for those shoes!!! Cute blog! xoxo