Thursday, August 16

34, 23, Set, Hike!!

Someone was at my house on Monday who was pretty close to the president.
Okay, so he isn't that close but he's still a big deal.
David DeCastro, the Steeler's Offensive Guard, was at my house [all 6'5", 315 pounds of him]!!!
He's friends with the my parents' bosses & they invited him over dinner.

Can you believe he's only 22 years old?!
I was looking up pictures of him & this one cracked me up.

So you might not hear from me much this weekend.
I have this massive payroll project to complete for next week & it's most likely going to be taking up most of my weekend.
But I'll try to sneak in a post or two because I like you that much ;)

I'm off to Zumba again!
Hasta la vista, baby.



Allie Brooks said...

Love your sweet little blog!! What an exciting week!

Caitlin C. said...

Have fun at zumba! SO cool you got to hang out with a celeb ;) Hope you had fun!

AVY said...

So cute :)


S. said...

That's adorable!

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