Saturday, August 25

Stylish Saturday

Sorry I've been MIA lately.
I just finished up finals on Thursday & now I have a full week off.
So I promise I'll start writing more.
Lately, I've been doing crappy posts because I really have nothing to talk about.
I just can't find the inspiration.
Does anyone else have this problem?
It's just me? Ok.

Today it's going to be yet another one of those crappy posts.
I'm going to show my favorite looks.
Whether it be hairstyles, nail polish, clothes, etc.
Let's get started.


Giant Curls
love big curls.

someone please tell me how to get my hair like this.
i love this look.

<3 lovely
i love how simple, yet elegant this hair style is.

Natural Beauty
i would love for my hair to be this length.


Casual chic.
cute fall outfit.

this outfit is so adorable.
i want that skirt in my closet!

Love those pants!
love the colored jeans look.
i'm gonna have to get some for my closet.


cool mani pink+glitter+chevron
pink + chevron + glitter.

Black and gold
black + gold.
perfect for when i'm cheering for the stillers.

Essie Raise Awareness
i love this color.
someone want to buy it for me?


simple + elegant.

how cute is the back of this dress!?

grey + white
i would wear this every day...
if it wasn't frowned upon.

If anyone would like to buy me anything from above, I wouldn't be mad.
In fact, we would probably become best friends.

Yesterday, I went to our local pool to get my tan on.
Look at the difference 5 hours in the sun makes.

The lighting might make me look a little tanner as well.
But trust me on this one, I am tanner than I was haha

Have an awesome weekend!


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