Wednesday, August 22

I Held a Tarantula & the Wonderful Pinterest

Yep, you read that right.

I had one of those creepy, crawly things in the palm of my hand last night.
Even though looking up a picture of one made me sorta squeamish.
Last night at the fair, my friend Julie & I found a petting zoo.
And this lovely little lady was just waiting to be held.
I decided to overcome my fear of spiders.
I just couldn't pass up the offer.

Okay, now on to smaller & not quite so creepy things.

Love the built in changing table that will later become a desk....Genius!!!
cute baby room.

my guy, sam edelman
love these sandals.

*strawberry mousse

Peach and Banana Smoothie
looks delicious.

isn't that the truth.

Emma Stone
love emma stone.

i need to buy more jewelry.

in love with this kitchen.

Matte nail polish - perfect for the Fall!
like this color a lot.

love this look for fall.

gorgeous dress.

finally here. | kensie kate
so true.

I mean, I'd be able to tolerate it.
simply gorgeous.

Have a lovely evening gorgeous :)



Christa Waldrop said...

I wish I could have every color of those Sam Edelman sandals! I literally wore one of my pairs until they fell apart.

I am your newest follower!

Significance or Nothing.

Elise Rogers said...

you are so cute! I love your blog!!! What great pics you found from pinterest! I could spend my whole day one there!:)