Friday, August 3

Dog - A (Wo)Man's Best Friend

When I was little, I begged my parents for a dog.
Actually, I still beg every once in awhile haha
Would you believe, that is the one thing they wouldn't get me?
What kind of crap is that?
Fortunately, I'm surrounded by adorable puppies.

Meet Cookie :)

She's a feisty little thing.
She has a "brother" & "sister" Doberman & she really shows them who's boss.

Meet Lightning [Cookie's "sister"] :)

I don't think I have a picture of Thunder [Cookie's "brother"].

Meet Sunny :)

She's Anthony's puppy :)
When I first met her, she looked like this.

They sure do grow up fast *sniff*
Now she & I take pictures together haha

I suppose I can be satisfied with having these puppies in my life until I have a house of my own.
However, this will be my future puppy :)
French Bulldog - Bulla  french-bulldog

I looooove French Bulldogs.
I think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread :)

That's all for today.
I'm gonna make like a banana & split ;)



{[Jessica]} said...

awe super adorable!!
i have 5 dogs.. and they sure do grow way too fast!!

Marks Dorcel said...

Good to hear that and I also like puppies most as I have also 3 french bulldogs. I enjoyed my most of the times with them when I am home and its.

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