Thursday, August 2

Bad Boyfriend & It's Ok Thursday

Last night I had a craving for PeeWee's [our local ice cream store].
I have been begging Anthony to take me for about a week now.
His excuse last night was he was "too tired".
So as I continued to pout be a mature adult, Anthony fell asleep.
I was flipping through the channels, when I saw a motocross race was on.
If you don't know, Anthony is obsessed with motocross.
He lives, breathes, dreams, etc. motocross.
Well I thought to myself "Let's see how tired you really are." >:)
So I went to the channel & wouldn't you know as soon as he heard the dirtbikes....
BAM! He was awake ;)
He's such a brat.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

+ That I'm actually really excited about fall being just around the corner

+ That I got way too much enjoyment out of this picture

These are the reasons I watch The Kardashians
via Pinterest
+ To be obsessed with the new shorts that I just got

+ To be craving food but not being exactly sure what I'm craving

Reeses Cheesecake Brownies.
maybe something like this...
Twice cooked - Oven Roasted Potatoes with Bacon and Parmesan
or this....
That's it, I'm going to find my belly something to eat then I'm hitting the hay.
Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite :)



Kasey said...

haha I love when boyfriend's are "too tired" but then hear their fave show is on and suddenly their wide awake :-P too cute, but it's why we love them :D

{[Jessica]} said...

hahaha too tired. Get used to it. ALL guys have the same excuse. I deal with it daily.. lol now i normally say it before he can say it when I ask him to do something - I just go oo wait your too tired!!!

&& i am with you- i am SUPER excited for fall being around the corner :)

Happy Thursday

Amber said...

I am dying over the crying face! I really dislike the kardashians but if there is a marathon on I am so there. I lurve Scott and Khloe and the rest just entertain me with their ridiculousness.

Whitney Leigh said...

I love the Kardashian shows. So trashy, so excellent. and I saw that picture on pinterest a couple weeks ago and I swear I look at it at least once a day because it makes me laugh so hard. Kim is such a cry baby. and I love Kortney.

Chelsea Coleen said...

haha i love the boyfriend story :) and of course i would click on your post when its lunch time and im starving!

Amy Powell said...

that boyfriend story is hilarious!! oh boys....

Hope you had a lovely weekend! <3 Amy from Interpret As You May
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