Thursday, July 12

Sneaking Into Amusement Parks

It's been ages since I've done It's Ok Thursdays!!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok....

+ that my friend & I snuck into a children's amusement park

Let me explain. My friend, Sara, works at Idlewild. She told me we could go into the park the way the employees go in & just tell the guy at the gate that we were there to pick someone up.

Told guy at the gate that we were picking someone up ü

We parked & we decided to ride the old rollercoaster first. When we got in line, we held our purses so that you couldn't really see our wrists.

Now that I'm telling you this, I kinda feel like a bad person....

So anyway.

Rode the rollercoaster without anyone noticing we didn't have wristbands ü

We then decided to ride the Round Up.

Rode the Round Up without anyone noticing we didn't have wristbands  ü 

We were feeling adventurous so we rode it again. However, as we riding it the second time, the guy running the ride kept looking at us suspiciously.

I don't know if we were paranoid or if he really did notice but didn't say anything but we decided to leave just so we didn't push our luck.

Successful at sneaking in, riding rides, & leaving without anyone noticing ü 

Moving on.

Oh wait, after Sara & I were done being rebels we got ice cream then took 1549357 pictures.

Out of all the pictures we took, this is the one she decides to put on Facebook -___-

i. hate. her.
not really.
+ that I am slightly obsessed with Blogilates

Like, seriously, this girl is the!

+ that I love singing Starships by Nicki Minaj [especially when she goes "twinkle twinkle little star"] haha

Starships by Nicki Minaj on Grooveshark 

+ that I have been craving to go shopping lately

Seriously. I see all these fabulous outfits when reading blogs & it makes me want to go out & buy new clothes.

and if pinterest could put the clothes on for me


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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I have so many funny amusement park stories. Thanks for sharing yours! (and that picture is so funny)