Wednesday, July 11

"Nope, I Don't Get Sick On Spinny Rides"

That's what I told my friend Julie yesterday when she asked me if I get sick on rides.

This week is my town's annual fair so Julie & I decided to spend our Tuesday night there.

We bought pizza & funnel cake, played games, talked to people we knew... the things that all people do at the fair.

I got the bright idea that Julie & I should ride one of the rides.

The one we chose was a contraption for two people to sit in, and in the middle was a disk that we used to spin ourselves.

Julie & I were spinning just fine -- not too fast, not too slow.

Well, the guy running the ride didn't think so....

Every time Julie & I would go around, the guy would give us a push that caused us to spin even faster.

This went on for 5 minutes!

Well let's just say, once I got home, the food that I ate didn't stay in my stomach.

Moral of the story, I'm never riding the rides at the fair again.

Moving on!

Let's see what fancy things are on Pinterest today.

OH my goodness.
the back of this dress is simply gorgeous!
Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie.
haha amen!

love her hair!

love everything about this outfit!

loved this movie!

Wise Words
so true!

Gorgeous foyer in this timberframe home
love love love this!


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Amber said...

I love that dress!!! That Big Butts card cracks me up!