Friday, July 6

4th of July Recap

Hey there pretty lady!

I hope you had a lovely 4th of July :)

I know I sure did.

Nothing really too eventful happened.

Anthony worked on our rc trucks for most of the afternoon.

& I took pictures. Lots of them.

I promise you he's not always grumpy [even though every picture I take of him, he looks like he is].

Want proof?

Alright... you asked for it haha

We very rarely take pictures together, but when we do...

Well, I'll let you form your own opinion haha

But don't worry, we also take nice pictures<3

Here's some other pictures I took.

Dad getting ready to grill some steaks.
Mom doin' her thang in the kitchen.

Don't they look different compared to the last time I posted a picture of them? ;)

I also took some nature pictures.

Oh & this is cookie :)

Well, that was what my 4th consisted of.

I guess I'm gonna peace out now.



Whitney Leigh said...

oh my gosh! those pictures are killing me! haha I have some pretty hideous pics of my husband and me. I tried to put them up on the ol bloggy, but he threatened divorce. haha glad you had an awesome 4th!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is so cute!