Saturday, July 28

Baby Fever

I'm definitely way too young to have a baby.
I'm not financially ready & I don't think I'm mentally ready either.
But there's just something about babies that makes me so excited to be a mom.
Especially this little boy :)

His name is Eli & he's my friend Ashley's nephew.
Everytime I go to visit him, he gets really excited & shouts "Emmy".
Melts. my. heart.

Another thing.
A girl I go to school with his pregnant for the first time.
& it's a little girl :)
We had a baby shower for her & oh my gosh.
All the little baby girl clothes.
I was in heaven.

So in honor of my baby fever, let's look at some precious little babies :)


cutest thing I've ever seen

look at all that hair :) so cute.. <3

chubby baby cheeks.. <3

I think they should have a service where you can rent a baby.
If anyone would like to rent their baby to me just e-mail me at
I'm totally kidding.
I don't want to find a baby in my mailbox.

Have a lovely Saturday :)



Shelby said...

Thank you so much for swapping buttons with me:) I'm your newest follower!

Shelby xoxo

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

What cuties!!

hklover86 said...

omg i know what you mean. Im not even sure if I want kids of my own, but i just LOVE other peoples kids. I love hearing the shit that comes out of their mouths sometimes! lol and the best part is when they are bad you can just be like go to your mother lol