Monday, May 14

Sweet Maggie

First of all, I want to start by saying I am so sorry I haven't written in a few days. My weekend was super busy!
But on to the real reason why I'm writing today.

Tomorrow, I am giving my final speech in my Business Communications class. This is not just any speech though. It's an informative speech & it's going to be about a little girl named Maggie.

Maybe I should start on how I found out about this little girl.

You see, we have these horses. You may have seen them in my previous post here.

We get a lot of people that stop along side the rode & admire the babies.

Well this one day in particular, I was out playing with them when this car pulled off & a woman got out.

She saw me & waved & of course, I waved back.

As I was standing there, something told me that I should go talk to her [fyi, I don't normally talk to strangers].

So I walk over & she tells me that she was just admiring the horses. She then tells me that her daughter loved horses. This is the baby that she liked in particular.

After talking a little while longer, she told me that her daughter was buried in the cemetary next to the field that my horses are in [the reason they picked that cemetary].

The conversation continues & I tell her that the babies don't have names & we can't seem to think of any. Right when she's getting ready to leave, she tells me that her daughter's nickname was Magnum & that maybe that would be a good name for the baby.

I told her what a great idea that was, we say our goodbyes, & then I run over to tell my dad the story.

Long story short, my parents' boss called Maggie's mother, & Maggie's family is going to be naming the one baby & her 5th grade class is going to be naming the other baby.

After that day, I couldn't stop thinking about this little girl & that is what made me want to do a speech on her to find out a little bit more about her.

As I was reading her obituary, I found out what an awesome little girl she was. She had a sense of humor, a love for animals, & a huge heart to go along with her even bigger smile. There's not one picture that I've seen of her where she doesn't have a smile on her face.

Maggie developed a bone disease called Ewing's Sarcoma. It is a cancerous tumor that grows in bone or soft tissue around the bone. It can occur in any bone but is most often found in the thigh, shin, or upper arm.

Treatment for the tumor is usually Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, & surgical excision.

Her last school project was a book that she wrote called "Learning To Live With What You Have", where she talks about her journey with cancer.

Maggie passed away on February 22, 2012 surrounded by her family, after battling

I can't even begin to imagine what her family is feeling right now at the loss of their sweet little girl who was taken away from them at far too young of an age.

I am so happy to have met her mother & I hope to stay in touch with her.

Please keep Maggie's family in your prayers.

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thecoffeehouse said...

brings tears to my eyes. what an amazing story. what an amazing little girl. praying for all.