Saturday, May 5

Insert Foot in Mouth

Have you ever had those moments where you say something & you wish you wouldn't have? Well that was me on Wednesday.

Okay, let me start with, my friend has a black Dachshund.

he pretty much looks like this, chubbiness & all :)

My friends & I call him the black wiener [juvenile, I know]. Well on Wednesday, my speech teacher told us that we had to give an impromptu speech. She gave us a list of topics & my friend decided she was going to talk about what makes her happy.

As she is walking up to give her speech I blurt out...

"Talk about your black wiener!!"


What possessed me to say that out loud, I still have no clue.

Then I proceed to say...

"Dog!! I meant wiener dog! Talk about your wiener DOG!!!"

Just shut up Emily.

Then everyone laughed at me.

I hate my life.

The end.

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With Glitter On Top said...

HAHAHAHAH oh gosh, this made my day. I don't think everyone laughed at you in a bad way, they probably thought it was cute and funny all at the same time, which it is! too too funny :):) happy weekend dear!

Alyssa said...

Hahahaha, I am laughing out loud! Hilarious!

Monica's Notebook said...

Bahahahhaha OMG I would totally do this! and then immediately turn blood red and crawl under a table. This is so dang funny.