Friday, May 18

It's Fridayyyy :)


Dear Allergies What the heck!? You don't exist in my book, so why are you making my throat sore & my eyes puffy?

Dear Anthony I'm so glad we've been together for 3 years [& counting] :) Everytime I hear this song, I think about driving around in your truck when we first started dating :)

We Don't Have To Look Back Now by Puddle of Mudd on Grooveshark

Dear Weekend I'm so happy you're finally here. It's supposed to beautiful & I can't wait to get my tan on :p

Dear Tummy Please stop growling -- I will be feeding you shortly!

Dear Body I'm sorry I've been slacking on working out but I have been feeling more motivated since I started doing the workouts with Karena & Katrina :)

Have an awesome weekend beautiful :)


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