Tuesday, February 28

I Can Never Think Of A Title

I don't know why but I always have trouble coming up with a title for my posts. Is it just me? Or am I just that uncreative?

So on Sunday, I got to see my cousin Kendra. She is only a year and a half old & the cutest little girl ever [okay, maybe I'm just partial but she's still cute]. She is so smart & it completely amazes me. I never knew kids that young could be that smart. We took her outside in the snow & she loves playing in it [& eating it lol]. She loves it so much that she screamed when we took inside. Like full-out throwing herself on the ground, screaming lol After Kendra left, Anthony & I went in to see his mom & have dinner with her. She made the most amazing stromboli I've ever had in my life. My mouth is seriously watering right now thinking about it.

Oh yea, I also wanted to give you some details about my trip to Florida. We're leaving Thursday after Anthony & I finish some tests that we have that day. Then we're going to start driving [yes, I said driving] down once we get everything packed up. The whole reason we're going down is so Anthony can race the amateur day in Daytona. The pros will be there on Saturday & then Sunday Anthony will try to qualify for the main event on Monday. But before we do all of this, we're going to visit his grandparents [they live about one or two hours south of Daytona]. I don't even think I could put into words how excited I am. This will be my second time going to Florida. The first time I went was to Disney & I had so much fun!

I also want to wish my Grandma Daisy a Happy Birthday :) She's the greatest grandma ever :)

Sorry this post is like all over the place & random. I think I have ADD or something lol


P.s. I'm really starting to think I'm overly dramatic about everything I talk about... sorry about that :p


Country Gal said...

Bet ya cant wait to get there ! Have fun and we want lots of photos please "smile"! Your not the only one that cant come up with a title for your posts I have the same problem to , for me its old age lol minds going , I think, what was I saying oh yeah , Have a great time !

xo kelsey said...

you're gonna have a blast in florida!! our spring break is coming up too... i cannot wait to get out of the snowy mountains & make my way to the beach!

Emily said...

Oh I am so excited! Thanks so much :) Glad to know I'm not the only one lol


Emily said...

Ah I can't wait :) Hope you have fun on your spring break :)


Anonymous said...

hahaha... i have add... i know how it goes.

cute blog :)

Christine said...

So jealous you're heading to Florida! My husband and I are big road trippers too, not so much because we love driving, but it's so much cheaper than plane tickets. But with all that said, it's awful fun getting to spend one on one time in the car with him :). Hope you guys have fun!

Elsha.Rae said...

adorable blog! :) im so glad that i just stumbled upon it! and my countdown for spring break has been going on since the beginning of school haha

Emily Ruth said...

Right there with you girlie! I can never think of a good title or one that I think is creative enough haha. Have fun in Florida! :)

Jaclyn said...

florida. i need to go somewhere like that!