Friday, February 17

The Ellen Show - Sophia Grace &* Rosie

So you're probably getting sick of me posting videos lol but I promise this is that last one [for now :)]. I just recently have found a new love for The Ellen Show. I just love Ellen. She is such a sweet woman &* has a huge heart. The things she does for people just blows my mind.

Well on The Ellen Show, two very talented little girls were discovered. Their names are Sophia Grace &* Rosie. If you haven't seen them perform yet, you'll probably fall in love as quickly as I did.

Here is a video of them at The Grammy's. These little girls seriously crack. me. up.

Check out their youtube channel by clicking here.


Country Gal said...

I like Ellen as well ! I try to catch her show or tape it . I did see this one and it was a hoot ! Have a great day !

Funmilayo said...

I love them they are too cute :)

Jessica said...

I love the Ellen show and Sophia and Rosie too!! They are just way to stinking cute :)

p.s Love your blog!