Thursday, March 1

Florida Here I Come

Well today is the day. I will be leaving for Florida in a matter of hours & I am so. freaking. pumped. It seems like I've been waiting 234723 years for this day to come & here it is.

Can't wait to soak up the sun [I don't know where this is at but it's gorgeous lol]

So even though I'm super excited, I'm still going to miss you but I'll let you know all about it when I get back :)

For all of you that are on [or will be on] spring break, have fun!



Country Gal said...

Have fun ! Just a reminder that Google Friend Connect is to be no longer and you wont be able to follow anyone or have anyone follow you . Hundreds of bkloggers including myselk have hooked up to a follower Linky site so we dont loose our following or followers ! I have a linky blog hop happening to keep blogers hooked up and informed. Have a great time !

miki said...

JEALOUS! Have fun in florida!

Dragonfly Tales said...

I am so jealous! It is so cold in Oklahoma today & i'm craving summer already because of it. Have fun! : )

jodi said...

have a fabulous time!

Jamie said...

Have fun!

Life Size Barbie said...

Have fun in florida! I am so jealous that you will be soaking up that wonderful sun!

Jes said...

have an amazing spring break in florida!
xx jes