Monday, February 20

The Oregon Trail

That's honestly what I felt like I was riding my bike on yesterday. I swear it seemed like it was never going to end. We [well actually Anthony's dad &* I] ended up biking 10 miles yesterday &* I am so sore! I thought I was in pretty good shape but clearly, I'm not lol Anthony's 50 year old dad even kicked my butt haha

Anthony, on the other hand, biked 12 miles. He completely amazes me. I have never met anyone in my entire life who is as in shape as he is. I can definitely tell that his training has been paying off. He is such a motivated person &* I will say it again [or maybe 239473 more times] that he inspires me. He makes me want to work my butt off so I can be even half as in shape as he is.

Here are some pictures from our bike ride. I would've taken more but I was pretty much dying the whole time. I even told Anthony to just leave me there because I didn't think we would ever make it back to the truck.

Sorry the pictures didn't turn out very well. I forgot to change the setting on the camera.

Hope you had a great weekend :)


Country Gal said...

A great way to spend the day together ! When I was younger I was in a bike club with our community as a long distance cyclist ! Now a days I just ride for leasure ! I have always love riding a bike ! Great photos ! Have a good day !

molliejon said...

It looks so pretty! And you and your boyfriend are soooo adorable! (:
Love your blog!

Emily said...

Awe thank you so much :) Love your blog as well!

Emily said...

Thanks :) That's really cool. I don't think I'd ever be able to join a bike club lol I'd probably get left behind!

fashion BOOM said...
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Monika said...

Like the pictures:9

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Morgan Daymude said...

oh look like so much fun! my little brother is an avid dirt-biker and it's definitely a fun sport to be a part of and watch. I loved your pictures!
I am your newest follower and would love if you checked out my blog and followed if you like it :)

MelissMichelle said...

You and your boyfriend are so cute I can't get over it! -Melissa

Liesl said...

What a fun and scenic bike ride trail! When I read your blog post title, I instantly thought about the game Oregon Trial growing up...hehe! You have a super cute blog, and I love the Sophia Grace video post below...she is too adorable for words! :)

Emily said...

That's so cool :) I am definitely hooked on the sport lol Thanks so much! Love your blog as well &* am now a follower :)


Emily said...

Awe you're too sweet :)


Emily said...

It's definitely a scenic bike trail, especially in the summer! Lol that's funny :) Thank you so much! I know, I love those little girls. They crack me up lol