Thursday, June 14

You're On My Heart Just Like a Tattoo

Speaking of tattoos... I actually got one!

It's nothing fancy; just a heart on my hip.

My bestest friend Julie & I got matching ones :)

So enough about tattoos!

Let's look at some awesome things on Pinterest.

i'll have her eyelashes please
i wish my eyelashes were this long!!

love this dress!
Perfect ponytail ♥
perfect ponytail
cute & simple :)
raspberry banana bites
raspberry banana bites -- yum!!

Amalfi Coast, Italy. Wanna go SO bad.
Bed in a closet so the whole room is open- creative way to utilize small spaces.
bed in a closet so you have more space!!

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A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia said...

I love that banana bite idea! So fun. Thanks for sharing. Totally a new follower of your blog. :)