Thursday, June 7

Wait.. There Was A Tornado?

I've decided to change my name to Dorothy because this girl ^ experienced her 2nd tornado.

Weird thing is, I took that picture right before the tornado came.

Another weird thing, I'm kinda disappointed that my house didn't go soaring through the air like Dorothy's did [I'm totally kidding... maybe.].

3rd weird thing, my mom & I didn't even know it was happening.

We were actually in our kitchen, looking out the window, amazed at all the trees twisting & turning.

My mom said it sounded like a freight train going by when she was outside.

After it was all over my Grandma Daisy called & said that trees were on top of her house.

Well when we tried to get to her [she & my pap live about 2 seconds from us] the road was blocked by a massive tree.

Eventually, we made it to them & this is the damage we found.

This is the video of all the damage that happened in the town near my house.

Welp, that's it for today.



lalavcott said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! And okay, that is my biggest fear. I have never been in a tornado, but I have had some pretty scary nightmares with them in it! Glad you are all right!

Whitney Leigh said...

I always have nightmares about tornados! I'm so glad you didn't go soaring through the air like Dorothy!!

xo kelsey said...

i've been through 3 tornadoes, but have never actually seen the cyclones myself! the scariest time was when i was real little. it was actually my birthday (july 4th!) & it happened right after a firework show. all i remember is the wind was so strong it kept knocking me down, so my dad had to carry me to the car haha!

i'm glad you & your family didn't get hurt!!