Friday, June 8

I'm So Excited!!!

And I just can't hide it!! I'm about to lose control & I think I like it!!

Woah, sorry. I was getting a little carried away haha

Do you want to know the reason why I'm so excited?

No, okay. Nevermind then.

Well too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway.

*drum roll please*

It's my birthday tomorrow!

I know, you thought it was going to be something more exciting...

You can go ahead & click on the Manage Reading List button & unfollow me now :(

I'll try not to cry too much.

If you're still reading, tonight Anthony is taking me to dinner at DeNunzio's.

I haven't been there for atleast 2 years & I can't wait to go again.

He took me there for my birthday when we first started dating!

Speaking of birthdays, isn't Anthony just darling in this picture on my birthday 2 years ago?

Oh & this past Tuesday my friend Julie took me to Red Lobster for an early birthday dinner :)

That's all for today.



1 comment:

tara said...

happy birthday!!!!! hope you have a great day!