Tuesday, June 26


I think Anthony feels like I'm the paparrazzi when I take pictures.

Example #1
He didn't see me yet...

Example #2
He caught me!

Example #3
He's talking... not singing haha

Example #4
Giving me "the look"!

Example #5
Then he started throwing things at me! Not really, but I wasn't going to take the chance haha

Here's some other pictures I took yesterday :)

Cali :)

The view from my house.

I just realized my life is pretty boring compared to everyone else's blogs I read!

I better start going on some adventures or something haha


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Anonymous said...

The view from your house is fantastic! I wish I had a nice view from my apartment. I could look out over the river or the Washington Monument or Capitol. Instead, I just have a view of the Metro tracks. Lame!