Friday, March 30

Friday's Letters


Dear Boyfriend - I greatly enjoyed just relaxing with you all night last night even though slept most of the time :)

Dear Teacher - Thank you so much for making your True & False test easier than your Multiple Choice ones. I finally managed to get an A on your test when I almost gave up hope that I ever would.

Dear Blogging Friends - You guys [or should I say girls] are seriously awesome & are always so sweet :)

Dear Weather - I wish you would become a little warmer. Last week you teased me by making it seem like it was summer but this past week I couldn't keep warm.

Dear Self - You really need to step it up a little & start doing your workout routine again. You're being a lazy bum :p

Hope you have an awesome weekend :)



Country Gal said...

Love the photo ! Have a great weekend !

Rachael said...

I agree with 'Dear Weather', we're forecast snow here in England and it's April!Rx

stephanie said...

love your blog! :)

Liesl said...

Love these little letters...such a cute idea! Lovely blog too! :)