Monday, March 26

Quirky Link Up

Hi there :)

I am linking up with Erin from The Swanky Southern Yankee to share some of my weird quirks. You can join in the fun by clicking here.

1. I have to be covered at all times when I am sleeping. I just feel so open & vulnerable if I don't.

2. I have to rotate the type of shampoo I use each time I take a shower or my hair will get greasy.

3. I absolutely refuse to kill any type of bug. I believe that they have feelings too so if it must be killed, I call for my mom.

4. It drives me nuts if a letter that I write doesn't look right. I will erase it until I think it looks okay.

5. I have 3 kitties outside & if they're all in the same area & I only pet one, I feel like I have to pet the other two so they don't feel left out [I'm sure they could care less lol].

I think that's it. I'm sure there's more but those are the only I could think of :)

What are your little quirks?


Katie said...

I'm the same way with bugs and pets... My husband makes fun of me when I feel bad for killing a fly...

One of my little quirks? I HAVE to put the toilet lid down when I shower. I apparently have an irrational fear that my towel will fall into the toilet, even though it has never happened before in my life.

Love your blog!

Country Gal said...

I like your new blog look ! Great post ! Have a good day !

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I always have to be covered too! Even if it's 100* out lol