Wednesday, March 21


What has happened to respect? I really think people have forgotten what the term "respect" even means.

I have an Intro. to Business class this term & I'm in with people from terms 1-3. I am completely baffled by how they treat my teacher. They yell at him & tell him that what he's saying is wrong all throughout class.

First of all, my teacher is 65 years old so I'm pretty sure he's wise. Second of all, he's worked all over the United States so I'm also pretty sure that he knows what he's talking about. And third of all, he's an elder, so I'm absolutely 100% sure they should not be treating him like this.

It's not even that. Where I'm from, when you're driving in your car & you get to the one lane bridge when someone else does, if you let them go first [or visa versa], you wave to say thank you. That's just what people do around my area. Now when I go to the town where my school is located, and you do the same thing, no one even acknowledges that you let them through. I just don't get it.

Or another example, you're in the grocery store looking at a certain item & there's someone else who wants to look in that general area that you're in. Instead of saying excuse me so they can grab/look at something, they just reach right in front of you like you don't even exist.

It just don't make sense to me. I was raised to always respect everyone around you & to always mind your manners. So what has happened to society today?

I'm sorry, I don't normally like to rant but it just bothers me & makes me sad that people today don't have any respect or manners.

What are your thoughts on this?

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xo kelsey said...

that makes me so sad about your professor :( disrespect for anyone is absurd, but especially to your elders!! some people just take WAY longer than others to grow up!